Water Ski Club Serving Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Louth

About The Water Ski Club

Covenham Water-ski (Wakeboarding, Knee boarding and Jetskiing) Club is based on Covenham reservoir. Situated in the beautiful rural Lincolnshire countryside, north of the old market town of Louth. Available 365 days a year the relatively safe waters of the reservoir are unaffected by tidal times leaving you free to enjoy yourself. Covenham offers a vast 215 acres of water which is easily accessed from the slipway and a clubhouse with a range of facilities including modern changing rooms with showers, a fully equipped kitchen and a fully stocked bar for members and their guests. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Jet Skiing

The Club  welcomes Jet Skiers,  however we do have a limited number of places available, please contact us for more information.


Fun for all the Family

Boat-towed water sports are a near perfect and enjoyable way to get the whole family involved. Age is not a factor as it does not matter whether you are 1 or 99 years old, there are always opportunities to participate both inside and behind the boat.As a Water-ski club, we offer a full and half slalom course for water-skiing. We encourage all aspects of leisure and family use with water-skiing and wake-boarding to members who wish to compete more seriously. Fees are kept to a minimum and the Covenham Water-ski Club has been commended on how inexpensive the fees are, especially bearing in mind the wonderful facilities. Guests are also encouraged and fees once again have proved to be very reasonable.